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According to the Washington Post, three-quarters of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions after one week. We’re here to remind you that it’s not too late to set goals for 2019! The key is to set attainable ones, so you can stay encouraged throughout the year. If you’ve already “given up” on your resolution, all you have to do is change your mindset and remember: it’s not too late to try again. We set resolutions to make progress, which is far more attainable than perfection.

Now that the New Year’s hype has ended and we easily forget our resolutions, it’s time to rethink our goals for the year and reset our minds. Here are Noticestry’s 2019 resolutions to give you some ideas as you rethink your own, because it’s not too late to start your year off right—remember, it’s only the first month of a brand new year!

1. Meet New People

This year, I want to get out and network! Meeting new people can not only help grow self-awareness, but also your business life. I plan on going to just two new events each month, which could help to more than double my network of friends and professional connections. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out your local area for a chamber of commerce or networking group. Curious about what others around you do to meet new people? Check out!

–Ryan Wilsey, President & CTO

2. Use Social Media to Attract New Clients

I have asked myself the question: Does Social Media really work?  Can it attract new clients?  Would people rather work for a company that has something to say?  I firmly believe it does, it can, and they will. Therefore, be it resolved I am committed to posting 2 posts a week.  I am setting this resolution up for success by asking my staff to hold me accountable at weekly review meetings to check if my posts have been scheduled.

–Brandon King, CEO

3. Improve My Work/Life Balance

Though I firmly believe that you can only produce your best work when you’re at your best self, I struggle with making self-care a priority. I preach it constantly and encourage others to make time for themselves, but I rarely do it for myself even though I know how much better I feel when I put myself first! So this year, I will do something just for myself every day. I will learn how to relax without thinking that there’s work I “should” be doing at all times. I will focus my energy on my relationships with myself and others, rather than being productive constantly. In 2019, I will feel less guilty for giving myself the breaks I deserve!

–Abby Rose Esposito, Creative Director

4. Strive to Do New Things

As someone who loves a routine, it’s easy to get stuck doing the same things every day. In 2019, I’m going to branch out of my comfort zone and try new things—both personally and professionally—to spice up the year!

–Lindsy Foster, Media Specialist

5. Increase My Financial Stability

Focus on money management and how to have my money work for me. With the uncertainty in the market today, I have decided to educate myself further to help me and my family stabilize financially and purpose to save towards that goal.

–Arjan Lal, Senior Developer

6. Improve My Professional Skills

In 2019, I would like to improve my skills of delivering responsive, modern and user-friendly websites. My UI skills should be top notch to realize professional output. I would like to learn Laravel PHP framework and improve on SEO. The end product will be delivered on time and on budget!

–Felix Kipyego, Senior Developer

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