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Advocating for Employee Happiness

Advocating for Employee Happiness

It is no secret that a delighted employee correlates to being a productive employee. When an employee is happy they are more dedicated to their work and will be more motivated to be productive, and will ultimately stay working at that company for longer periods of time. These employees that are in a better mental state will also be able to provide more innovative and creative ideas. So the question is; how to create an atmosphere that will make your employees happy.

Human Interaction

Collaboration is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. When employees are unhappy it is harder to have effective collaboration. It is important that employees are able to build relationships with each other so they feel comfortable working in their team. To help build these relationships within the company, one might consider hosting team building exercises or social events where employees can communicate and get to know each other through non-work related conversations.

Work/Life Balance

Having a work/life balance is crucial for a healthy state of mind. When work and life overlap too much, it becomes very difficult for employees to stay happy and motivated. One way to help encourage the separation between work and life is offering flextime. With some activities employees may want to participate in outside of work it would be beneficial for them to start their day earlier and end earlier. To give employees a way to channel their energy, it would be important to consider the benefit of offering a gym membership. Exercise is healthy for the mind and body, and can give employees something outside of work, that will make them feel better when they are in the office.

Company Mission

Taking pride in their work, and knowing the bigger picture behind their efforts can generate an employee’s happiness at work. Having a company mission that every task and assignment works towards is very motivating as long as the employees themselves believe strongly in the company vision. When the vision is powerful employees want to hear meaningful feedback from their supervisors and employers to know how they can shape their work to become what the company needs to achieve its goals. Knowing the impact of a project is one of the major driving factors. When employees want to improve themselves, they might want to further their education to be able to support the company. By offering education reimbursements employees will feel charged to stay within the company after gaining experience that will make their work better, and they will be happy as well. 

Every Employee is unique, so find out what makes your employee happy. By taking the steps to improve the happiness of your employees you can greatly increase the productivity within your company.

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