Website design is a process that includes the development and creation of a website.

The process can be broken down into a few stages: 1. The first step is to create a design and wireframe. The wireframe is the skeleton or framework of the website. The design is the site’s look, including fonts, color, and images. 2. Decide on what type of website you want: static or dynamic. Static sites are created by hand and don’t have any scripting (such as PHP). Dynamic sites have PHP, HTML, and CSS scripts that dynamically create and change the content on the site. 3. Once the design is finalized and the site is wired, it is time to code. This is the process of translating the design into HTML. 4. Testing is crucial to the success of a website. Once the site is coded, testers will test to make sure the design and code are working properly and to find bugs. 5. Once the site is coded and tested, it is ready to be launched to the world.

This final stage includes adding content and a marketing campaign. Website design is an important aspect of the modern world.


We post on behalf of our social media clients and oversee all of their social media pages including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.


We can build your website from scratch, or take your existing website and make it more user-friendly and visually appealing. All of our websites are optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop screens.


SEO moves you up the results list when using a search engine. We utilize a multi-pronged approach that indexes your site as an authority on keywords and topics. The goal is to be on the first page of search results so you can be found quickly.


We know what your clients want to hear. We create marketing materials and digital content for your company using our in-house copywriters and brand consultants.


Our in-house graphic design team is skilled in developing logos and brands as well as sales/marketing materials including flyers, folders, business cards, stickers, signs and more!


We can manage your scheduled or automated email campaigns to get your newsletter or special offers delivered to your audiences in an environmentally-friendly, reliable, effective way!


PPC is a scalable way to grow your business by being the top search results clients see. We utilize AdWords and Bing PPC platforms to target clients looking for your products or services.


Control your business info on 50+ search engines, maps, business listings and more. Increase your sales by boosting brand awareness and attract more customers by monitoring and replying to reviews.


Looking to hit that next level? We help keep growth top of mind as we meet and plan how to win in the quarter, month, or even week. We are serious about communication, expansion and strategy.

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Our clients.

noticestry llc is a website design company located in rochester, new york. we build your site with a unique focus on the user experience and usability.

Website design rochester ny- noticestry llc. We offer web design, website maintenance, and online marketing solutions to businesses in the Greater Rochester Area and beyond. we are web design and digital marketing company in rochester, ny. we specialize in building websites that are beautiful, functional, and easy to maintain.

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With a motto of "people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care," James not only has the knowledge and expertise to help your company reach its goals, but the drive and willingness to go above and beyond to do so.

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Marketing is an important aspect of your business. The tips listed above can help you optimize and increase the success rate for visitors on site, as well as create more content that will establish yourself in this field!

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Your website is the key to success for your business. It's important that it looks good and functions properly, which we can help you with! We offer a variety of services including designing new websites from scratch or maintaining existing ones by making them more user-friendly & visually appealing on all devices.

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Meet Amanda, our Social Media Coordinator who graduated from University at Buffalo. Her expertise in social media and email campaigns helps boost your company's online presence.

Social Media that is consistently and professionally done not only builds your audience, but also builds your brand. Your customers will know what to expect, where to find you, and what the process looks like. An informed customer is a happy customer and hopefully a repeat client in the near future.

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The four P's of marketing are often referred to as the "marketing mix." These key elements interact with each other and must be considered in order for a company's success. These elements are used interchangeably to create an effective strategy.

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Everything being online has become the normal in today's world, You can find anything you need – from business ideas to recipes-on any device with an internet connection! You need someone who can help keep up with all the changes. That somebody might just be us! We work for companies like yours. We post on behalf of our clients and oversee their social media pages, including but not limited to Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business!

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#didyouknow Today is National Dog Day! You might consider Jamo calm, cool, and collected. . .

When in actuality, he is just straight up lazy and of course spoiled! But we love it!!

He also hates thunderstorms and loud noises, but loves to be the loudest dog in the room by destroying any toy he finds around, and too much attention, He also loves to choose from many different beds spread to nap on throughout the office. But give him a treat and he will be your best friend!

Celebrate your dog today!

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There are many different aspects to creating a successful business plan, but one thing that shouldn't be overlooked is establishing goals.

Without clear targets and objectives for individuals or departments within your organization as well as department-wide strategies in place – it's hard not knowing where you're going!

Our team is here to help provide a custom marketing strategy tailored exactly toward what you need to succeed right away.

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Websites are an essential part of any successful business. They allow you to make a strong first impression with your target audience, showcasing what makes your company unique and how you can help them succeed in their industry.

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Every day, technology is changing the way that we live. From improving collaboration with staff, customer experience (especially online), as well as many other benefits to running a business successfully – technology is key to helping your business grow!

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From a business perspective, social media is an essential tool that can help you connect with customers and showcase your brand! It also gives insight into what led them towards ultimately buying from you to meet those needs exactly!

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You could spend hours trying to figure out how to best present yourself online, but why not let us take care of that for you so you can focus on your business? Our expertise in social media and website design will ensure you're always on top!

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Giraffe Fact Friday!

β–Ά Just like humans, no two giraffes have the same coat pattern!

Make your social media different than everyone else!
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The first step to success is always getting people's attention. Social media has made it easier than ever before, so you should take full advantage!

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In today's world, everything is done online, from shopping to talking to people. Your business should not be any different.

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