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My Experience as a Marketing Intern at Noticestry

My Experience as a Marketing Intern at Noticestry
My internship with Noticestry has provided me with valuable experience within the marketing industry, allowing me to take my learning beyond what is available to me in the college classroom. As an intern, I was assigned many different tasks which offered me new opportunities and areas of growth within marketing. Some of the projects I worked alongside the Noticestry team were content creation, proofing copy for websites, content design, email campaigns, and business listing & review management

Content creation is my favorite as it allows me to use my creativity & knowledge of social media to create content for consumers to enjoy. This task helped me learn more about social media in the business realm and increased my comfort with Cloud Campaign as a marketing tool. I worked towards creating material that best suited the client’s needs, highlighting their competitive advantages on platforms such as Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Houzz. Alongside this project, I also made sure to keep these platforms accurate and up to date with each company’s business information. 

When I wasn’t busy working on content creation and keeping client’s digital presences up to date, I was working with Danielle Downey Classic, the LPGA golf event in Rochester, on their process of executing their event amidst Covid. I updated the website, keeping people informed on the status of the event, and helped set up and advertise registration for the events that were still happening. I really enjoyed the opportunities I had with this client as I was able to use my creativity, helping them design an invitation for their virtual Women’s Forum event and also helping brainstorm how to bring value to this event given the new circumstances. This invitation was sent out in an email campaign to thousands of people which was a great way to reach the client’s network in an effective way and was a proud accomplishment of mine to have my design used and distributed to so many people.

Overall, my internship with Noticestry has been extremely rewarding, as I have gained valuable tools and knowledge surrounding the digital marketing industry . Most importantly, I felt like I was able to contribute to the company and their clients in various ways.

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