The History Behind Noticestry

Ryan Wilsey was working his way through SUNY Brockport as a marketing major while Brandon King worked for one of Noticestry’s longest term clients. Coincidentally, Ryan was helping manage the social media and Brandon had started discovery on a new website layout for this client (prior to them being a client). As the synergies started to overlap, several meetings happened to develop the plan with both and how they would support each other. Late one night, deep into building and collaborating, a light bulb went off—could we do this together, for more people?  After months of planning and research, Noticestry was born!

Noticestry has grown from solely providing social media and web services to a full-service digital agency that works with many unique clients. We have scaled Noticestry up and down, reflecting the campaigns and projects we have worked on over the past few years.  This presents its own set of challenges as we retain key staff, manage cash flow and continually seek to improve our services and capabilities.

Noticestry’s objective is always to provide the greatest impact for the best value.  This is reflected in how we operate internally and how we work with clients’ budgets.

Both Ryan and Brandon come from entrepreneurial families and the legacy behind them continues to drive each of them for their own unique reasons.

Meet Team Noticestry

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Brandon King
Brandon KingCEO
Brandon specializes in Business Development and Sales. He has been working in the sales and media industry for the past 10 years.
Ryan Wilsey
Ryan WilseyPresident & CTO
Ryan specializes in Business Development and Project Management. He has been working in the technical development and marketing industry for over 5 years.
Abby Rose Esposito
Abby Rose EspositoCreative Director
Abby Rose specializes in graphic design, social media and project management. She has been working in the visual industry for over 5 years.
Lindsy Foster
Lindsy FosterMedia Specialist
Lindsy specializes in social media content creation, email campaigns and e-commerce. She has been working in the marketing industry for over a year.
Arjan Lal
Arjan LalSenior Developer
Arjan has been working in the Technical Development and Design industries for over 7 years.
Felix Kipyego
Felix KipyegoSenior Developer
Felix has been involved in Technical Development and Designing for over 3 years.
ElmerCreative Assistant
Elmer specializes in naps, cuddling, eating and walking on everyone’s keyboards. He retired from being a Premier Rahabacat Grand Champion to work in the marketing industry!
JamoExecutive Assistant
Jameson “Jamo” Wilsey specializes in ripping toys apart, playing with everyone he meets, going on runs with Abby Rose and eating Elmer’s food. He’s also known for his role as the JetShine dog!


January 1


200 clients ranging in size, industry, marketing and growth goals

December 29


started collaboration of realtoothbrushdeals – ecommerce and promotional. maintain partial ownership.

December 29


bought shares of zerogravity after building platform and maintain partial ownership

December 29


collaborated on JetShineUSA ecommerce site and maintain partial ownership

December 29


Started working on full stack development in an AWS environment while providing 24/7 support to a large international client

December 29


Worked on LPGA Symetra Tour Event at Brook Lea Country Club in Rochester, NY Danielle Downey Classic

December 29


Started on board of MCBA (Mendon Community Business Association)

December 29


Moved to Mendon, NY

December 29


Hired first employee

December 29


Rented first office space on University Ave in Rochester, NY (Affectionally referred to as “the closet”)

December 29


Started Noticestry – First Client was a candle making company.

December 29


Started Business Planning Discussions above Ryan’s Parents’ Garage

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