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How Can I Best Partner With My Marketing Agency?

How Can I Best Partner With My Marketing Agency?
Ever wonder how you can help the partnership with your marketing company and your business?  Many clients grow frustrated when they feel their marketing dollars are not getting them the results they were expecting (many times unrealistically). Sometimes, just a little more focus on this strategic partnership means you can maximize dollars spent and enjoy accelerated growth. So if you are wondering how you can best spend your time and improve your marketing agency relationship, we have prepared some answers.

1. Should I share my own posts?

Clients who Share or Like posts and engage in content their marketing company (Noticestry) distributes are more likely to see wins and ROI on their marketing dollars.  We find that clients who engage on their pages are more acutely aware how to best feed us information that will help them grow even more! That’s how the best partnerships are established.

2. What about post approvals?

Some of our clients avail themselves to an approval tool for their social media posts. While those clients who did not engage frequently find this a hassle, clients who like to keep their finger on the pulse login typically once a week and provide feedback on posts or send us more relevant pictures.  While frankly this slows us down and can create a little extra work, we do appreciate the heightened sense of awareness of how we can create even better posts.

3. What about consulting?

Larger clients with teams involved in multiple facets of the business often find it valuable to meet on a regularly scheduled basis. This dials in their teams to be thinking about the marketing, branding and image of the company as well as allows us the opportunity to layout plans for how to promote them even better.  These touchpoints—speaking for the clients we do them for—are invaluable in setting all of us up for wins in a consistent way, while breaking into the creativity and ideas of the multiple people involved.

Hopefully these points help to improve or understand your relationship with your marketing agency. If you have any questions or ideas about our partnership going forward, we’d love to hear them! Reach out any time—we’re here for you.

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