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My Experience as a Summer Intern at Noticestry

My Experience as a Summer Intern at Noticestry
In the past, I have only ever worked part-time summer jobs. My summer internship at Noticestry is the first full-time position I have had – and it has been well worth it to put in the extra hours. In my time here, I have gained knowledge and experience that no textbook could ever teach me.

I have been able to participate in a variety of company projects and tasks – including content creation for media outreach, SEO audits for client webpages, webpage formation and design, pricing and productivity analysis, sales proposals and more! My favorite thus far has been designing webpages for the 2019 Danielle Downey Classic women’s golf tournament in Rochester, New York. This particular project has been a creative outlet for me, as well as an excellent learning experience. As a result, I have become competent in building websites with WordPress, which adds significant value to my resume and my digital marketing skillsets.

I have also written and created content for social media campaigns on a variety of networks including Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn and Twitter. This experience has been very rewarding for me as it has (again) allowed me to dip into my creative side and has given me good practice in marketing campaign writing.

In addition to web design and content creation, I have had the opportunity to work on analytical projects as well. One of the larger projects I worked on was a pricing and productivity analytics report based on client and company data. After completing the report, I can truly say I value the time spent on this project because it has given me a better understanding of managerial accounting and data-analytics. I have also had the opportunity to perform SEO audits on client webpages to improve webpage visibility and ranking. I’ve used analytical tools such as Moz and SEOptimer to make improvements on client sites.

For anyone looking to gain experience in the digital marketing industry, I would recommend an internship with Noticestry. The experience I’ve had here has been exceptional and I have learned quite a lot about the industry!

By: Greta Eby, Sales & Marketing Intern

Greta grew up not far from Noticestry but is currently a student at Liberty University in Virginia! She is a senior pursuing a degree in Digital Marketing and Advertising. We’re happy to have her as our summer intern this year!

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