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Say Goodbye to Google+

Say Goodbye to Google Plus

So Google Plus is being killed off.

While the “social network” was never that social and not too many joined our circles and the hanging out was still mostly happening at other parties, Google Plus was a core Social Media Marketing strategy for most of our clients as it was a way to have posts show up with your website right in Google’s search engine. The good news is Google has been rolling a new (and, in our opinion, an improved) interface through Google My Business (GMB) that places the posts above even your reviews on your business listing, making your last two or three posts really relevant and visible to anyone looking for or stumbling across your GMB listing.

Over the next couple of months we will be rolling all our clients over to the GMB posts feature and discontinuing any posting on the Google Plus network, even if Google allows businesses to keep utilizing it. The GMB posts capabilities are becoming better and better so that, at this point, Google Plus seems like a waste of the effort necessary. While most of our third party scheduling and monitoring apps do not play ball (yet) with GMB, we forecast this is just a matter of time. Until then, we think that the benefits of maintaining active GMB accounts for our clients is worth our time and effort. You can thank us later.

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