Small business owners often force themselves to smile through the stress of the not-so-happy holidays.

While many of us love this time of year to rejoice with family and friends, many cannot relax during the holiday season. For many business owners, the next two months represent as much as 30% of their revenues. Therefore, this is not a time of relaxing but of watching P&L reports, online order forms, customers in line and contracts being executed.
So while many owners will be delighted all the way to the bank, many will be worried and fearful if that revenue doesn’t come in.  While we hear many success stories of e-commerce and pop up shops, many stories of failure and struggle remain untold. While entrepreneurs do pick this life, for most it is not one of glamour and glitz but of extremely hard work to carve out a living for themselves and maybe a few others.
If you know a small business that relies heavily on holiday sales, do your best to make their holidays a little less stressful—support them!
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