Performing Employees for Their Hard Work

What You Can Do to Reward Your Top-Performing Employees for Their Hard Work

When you have good employees, it is important that you let them know they are appreciated, and you value their contribution to the company. Here are some simple ways you can give your employees the pat on the back that they deserve while boosting their morale at the same time.

Take Them to Lunch

Taking your top employee to lunch can be a great way for you to not only show them your appreciation but to also tell them. Throughout the meal, you can talk about how their work performance has improved or how their being a member of the team has helped you meet certain goals. Sharing a meal with someone is a great way to build a better connection as this setting is more of a relaxed atmosphere which will allow you to get to know each other better. This will also help to improve your communication with each other at work as the two of you have more of a rapport.

Give Them a Promotion

Nothing lets a worker know that they are appreciated more than giving them a raise. This is a clear way to tell them that they are doing such a great job you have decided to increase their responsibilities. Your employees will not only feel appreciated whenever you promote them to a higher position, but they will feel trusted and valued as well.

Give Them a Company Car

While driving a luxury vehicle can make your employees feel sophisticated, driving the company’s car can make them feel important. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated and higher end, consider choosing from popular European car models, such as a BMW sedan. This can help your employee represent your company well, especially after they have been promoted. A company car allows your employee to show others just how much they are valued and respected by the company they work for.

Paid Time Off

Another way that you can show your top employees that you appreciate their efforts is by rewarding them with a day off. When you give your employee the rest of the afternoon off or the next day with pay, this small gesture can go a really long way. Positive reinforcement like this will have a domino effect and cause other employees to want to do what it takes in order to gain rewards as well. Not to mention that the employee who was rewarded will want to continue to perform well in order to continue receiving affirmations and accolades.

VIP Parking

One of the things that lots of employees complain about is having to find a parking space whenever they arrive at work or return from lunch. This scavenger hunt can take away valuable minutes from their break or even cause them to be late walking through the door. If you reward your top-performing employee with their own VIP parking spot that has their name on it, they will not only feel like a big shot, but they will also perform even better when they are not aggravated by having to find a parking space.

New Office

If your employees typically work in a large open space with cubicles, one of the best gifts you can give to your employees would be their very own office. This will especially go over well when your employees typically share cubicles with other shifts, or the spaces are first come first serve. To finally have a personal space of their own where they can hang up their awards, certificates, family photos, and more will make coming to work that much more enjoyable and feel like an extension of their home.

If you want employees that will be loyal to the company and perform their best, then it is imperative that you show appreciation whenever they are doing that. Your notions can be as simple as a handwritten note or acknowledgment in front of the team before the start of the shift. No matter how small or grandiose, the best way to have great employees and keep them happy is to instill that greatness in them with positive reinforcement in order to let them know they are appreciated.

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