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5 Business Marketing Skills That Everyone Now Needs


     Internet marketing has become the face of modern business. It’s essential to have a successful campaign if you want your products and services seen by as many people as possible. Marketing helps cover all bases, from creating content that showcases what makes one company stand out in an industry or niche market to offering exceptional customer service. Here is a list of 5 of the most valued skills in marketing. 

1. Customer Knowledge

You can’t craft a good marketing campaign without understanding your customers. Identifying buying behavior and highlighting pain points for them will help inform what products you offer and how to reach out specifically to those who need it most so they don’t bounce off of an online store or website altogether! To get started with market segmentation, divide up people based on demographics like age range (e-commerce site owners often use this one), geographic location including zip code conversion rates–which factor in income level too. 

2. Digital Advertising

One way to generate new business from potential customers is through digital advertising. Digital ads can take many forms, such as video production for commercials or pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements on websites and social media platforms that target people with similar interests in your industry who have yet not been reached by other marketing efforts. 

It’s important when creating these types of campaigns, though, don’t forget the feel-good moments! Showing consumers why they should buy what you’re selling instead just telling them about it will make all the difference so try using techniques like “the bandwagon effect.” Which helps show potential customers why everyone else uses your products and why they will love them too.

3. Critical thinking and problem solving 

Modern marketers are ready to take on the world, but they need a little help from time to time. They’re constantly coming up with new ways of driving inbound marketing leads and juggling negative reviews while adjusting poor-performing campaigns simultaneously! The truth is not every campaign will be successful–that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, though; sometimes, it just means that method isn’t suitable for your business or product type… Use critical thinking skills when identifying what works best by looking carefully through processes/tools used both internally & externally before making any decisions about any future changes.

4. Writing skills 

It is essential to be good at writing because your job as a marketer is telling people about the product or business you work for. In terms of written content on websites and social media posts, it’s best if customers know exactly what they are getting themselves into before purchasing anything from us; let’s make sure there aren’t any surprises! Try using specific words that will help guide their decision-making process while ensuring all necessary information land right where readers’ eyes need them most.

5. Teamwork 

Marketing can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not as difficult if you have the right team. With so many different aspects that need attention in order for your company’s marketing campaign to be successful – from sales and IT all way down to customer service- having every member on board will ensure success!


What is SEO and Why is it Important?

When getting hired for my job here at Noticestry, I had no understanding of the back end of websites, what went into promoting online content or why any of that really mattered. I thought if there was content to be posted, that was all that really mattered, right? Well, I quickly learned that I was very wrong in that assumption. Our web developer was very patient while she explained to me the importance of different behind the scenes parts and pieces. One of those was SEO. So, if you’re like I was, and don’t really have much of an idea as to what SEO is, read along and learn why it is so important for your business.
So, let’s start with the basics, what the heck is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Its function is to maximize the number of visitors to a website by making sure that website appears high on the list of results when being searched on a search engine, like Google. SEO is a process of getting traffic from the free and organic search results on search engines rather than paid advertisements. Search engines have different algorithms that help to rank websites in order of information they contain that is related to what is being searched. SEO helps to make sure that your website contains the different ingredients to match the search engine’s recipe for ranking, ensuring the best results for your website.
There are a few pieces that search engines look at that are important to SEO:


Search engines account for every word on the web. This helps them to narrow down search results to ones that are only about those specific words searched.


Each page on the web has a specific title, but you may not be aware of it because it is in code. Search engines look at these titles to summarize the page, just like a book title would summarize a book. It’s important that your title includes keywords that summarize information in your article that might be searched.


Links between websites matter. When one website links to another, it means that website has good information. The more links a website has, the better it looks to a search engine.


If you have a word linked with a website, the search engine can connect the two and realize that website is a good source for that information. For instance, if a website says, “Amazon has a lot of books” the engine can connect “book” and “Amazon”, linking to Amazon being a good source.


Sites with consistent and fresh information as well as growing, quality links may do better in search rankings than those that do not.
Understanding these broad pieces of what the search engines use in their algorithms can help to craft the keywords you use on your webpages.  The more relevant your information is to what is being searched, the higher you will be ranked and the more people will be connected to your webpage.
So, what does this mean for your business? You want your website, social media, or whatever is associated with your company to be one of the first things that pop up when your industry is searched. This leads to more site visits and inevitably more business. The more people who can view the services your company offers, the more likely you are to gain them as a client.
There are many free tools out there that can help you to figure out if the words on your webpage are being searched. Here are just a few:

  • SEO Stack Keyword Tool: You can search keywords on your webpage in this tool and it will tell you it’s search rank on different search engines.

Search Keywords

  • Keywords Everywhere: This tool helps you to see the search volume of your keyword when it’s searched in Google. The higher the search volume is, the more that word is being looked up which means it’s a good keyword for your website.

Keyword volume and CPC

  • Wordtracker Scout: This tool allows you to go to your favorite websites and view the best keywords they use. The bigger the words show up, the more relevant they are to the volume of what is being searched.

Chrome SEO tools
The culmination of these free tools can help you to know what is being searched so you can then optimize those words on your webpage. Understanding the different pieces of the puzzle can help you to make sure you have the right pieces on your website to match the algorithms of the search engine. This can then ensure that your webpage will be ranked higher in the search results for the relevant information that they hold.
While content is very important, your great content won’t reach its maximum potential unless you optimize the use of SEO. Whether you feel this is something you can learn about on your own, or you feel more comfortable hiring an expert, SEO is a very important resource to utilize. Don’t let your time developing fantastic content go to waste because it wasn’t adequately positioned on the search engine. While this article only really gave a surface explanation as to what SEO is, follow along with the rest of our blog to find out more specifics into how SEO actually works!

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Real Social Media Stories – Success, Failures, and Misunderstandings

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Lessons from Our Clients

For many people, social media is still misunderstood. We use it every single day and to the irritation of most employers, all day! While this is the case, people are still intrigued by the concept of social media marketing (SMM). Concepts like search engine optimization (SEO), pays per click (PPC) and landing pages are so familiar in our industry, but to our clients, they are a completely foreign notion.  So many consumers find it hard to grasp on the new era of marketing and wonder what happened to the days of classic phone book ads (which I can barely remember).

I met with some clients, Dave and Mary, last week. Dave has been working his niche cabinet business for over 30 years. Mary has recently decided to throw her hat in the ring and join full time as well. My team and I have had to spend copious amounts of time teach them the vocabulary of the Social Media industry, just so they can comprehend what they are paying us for. When pondering the amount of time we had to commit to explaining these words and processes to them, a few interesting thoughts came to my mind

Am I losing a profit center for not billing the consulting time necessary?

No. Clients understanding what we do isn’t going to happen overnight. No one is going to pay for a service that they don’t understand. With this client, and every client, we are investing in a long-term relationship that would eventually cover the few extra dollars consulting would bring in.

What do I say when poor reviews are plaguing local companies?

Poor reviews from people looking for discounted work when you have been providing amazing service for 30 years are incredibly disheartening. Hiring a reputation management company for $10,000 a month to try and get those poor reviews buried are just not worth it. Get your current clients to review you anywhere they like and continue to provide the impeccable quality of work you have been for the last 30 years. The poor reviews of a couple discount chasers should not be able to cause a real and genuine businesses to suffer.

What is one thing that I want even the most uninformed client to understand about social media?

Social Media is primarily a tool used for messaging, branding and identity. It should not be considered a direct ROI generator for most businesses. We are careful to make no promises of returns or results. I have never sold a client because of empty promises. When social media becomes too sales driven and not service driven, value is lost. We would be failing at the idea of SOCIAL media. We want people to share cool posts and projects because they are genuinely interested in them. WE want to grow likes for a company within a demographic that will buy from them, not just anyone who will click. I want my clients to trust that every day we are working on their behalf to help them create a unique message and brand. That is what social media marketing is meant for.


5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation: A customer is searching Google for a business in your industry. Your Facebook comes up, they click on it, but there have been no posts on it in the last year. What do you think their first impression is? They may think that you aren’t in business or wonder why you don’t care enough to keep up with your social media. This could result in lost business, which no company wants.

Studies show that 90 percent of potential customers look online for business. Social media acts as a forum for customer communication and helps to build a relationship with your consumers. Not only does it help with customer relations but it also acts as an inexpensive and efficient method of marketing. It serves to market promotional deals, products and services without spending the big bucks on traditional advertisements.

Use these tips to help improve your social media presence:

  • Create accounts on all the major social platforms.

These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Studies have shown that 70% of marketers who use Facebook gain new customers. There are 72% of internet users that have social media accounts. These aren’t numbers to ignore. Customers are out there and looking at social media for potential purchases!

  • Have a fresh profile picture and cover photo.

Brand yourself. It’s important to make sure the page looks appealing and the user can know what they are looking at. Have your logo or have something appealing and interesting that will draw the consumer in while still making sure they know who’s page they are looking at.

  • Post regular updates so customers know that you’re active.

This helps potential buyers to know you’re active and you want them to know what you’re up to. They can see this and know you put effort into your business. It also helps create customer relationships as they can interact with your posts. It’s a really easy way to interact with customers!

  • Posts don’t have to stay cookie cutter.

Don’t be afraid to post fun facts, daily trivia, industry news, company news, etc. The more you change it up, the more interested and engaged you can keep customers. These types of updates help keep customers understanding what you’re up to and what your business is all about.

  • Don’t be afraid to hire experts to help.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to manage your own social media, don’t be afraid to hire an outside company to do it. There are plenty of people who are well trained out there who can help you convey the messages for you. Be resourceful!

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